Quality Control : 

We work super hard to ensure that our customers will be 100% satisfied with their purchase. All of our clothes are 100% authentic and controlled twice by two different people. We try to make an accurate description of the garms with good clear pictures and clear descriptions.

After double-checking every item for imperfections and authenticity, we process them to all the other steps before listing them to our store topgarms.com

Most part of our items are Vintage and not NEW, so they may or may not show signs of wear (usually very little). We do our best to take care of all the items we receive (wash, fix & iron). If there are any defects we will do our best to accurately describe it or simply show them in the pictures.


We do not sell fakes;

Fakes aren’t just frowned on, they’re illegal. Selling fake and counterfeit goods is against the law.

Fake goods have little or no quality control or standards. You have no idea of their provenance.

You will never look good in fake goods. Ever. It’s not fabulous. It’s not funny. It’s not fashion.

 So please avoid sites that sell fake items and buy @Topgarms.com



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