Every guy loves wearing a casual shirt. They’re easy to maintain, comfortable, and if work right, can enhance your looks effortlessly. Sure suits are classy, but wearing a suit every day is tiring. Sometimes you just want something simple, casual, and comfortable and men’s branded shirts are perfect for this.

A casual shirt is an ideal blend of casual and formal. It’s more casual than a jacket or a blazer and more formal than a tee. Plus you can wear them in different ways. You can wear it with a pair of jeans, chinos or trouser. You can keep them tucked in when necessary, or untucked if you’re going shopping or relaxing with your friends.

If you’re thinking of buying some men’s branded shirts, then you may want to buy in three colors – black, white, and navy. You can, however, pick any color you like. Just make sure you don’t go for trendy designs or one with too much print.

The Fit of Your Branded Shirt

One of the most important aspectsof buying men’s branded shirts is the fit. The fit of a shirt can break or make your look. Casual shirts are meant to fit differently from dress shirts. There are three main types of fit; Slim Fit, Relaxed Fit, and Skinny Fit. You should probably stay away from the skinny fit (unless you’re a small size) as they can highlight the wrong parts of your upper body.

You can, however, opt for a slim fit or a comfort (relaxed fit) depending on your physique. If you’ve got a bit of a beer belly, then the relaxed fit is the best choice for you. It’ll make you look slimmer while hiding your beer belly.

If you’re more tone, then you want to go for a slim fit. In the end, there’s really no fixed rule when it comes to wearing men’s branded shirts. Just make sure you pick something you’re comfortable in.

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Casual Shirt

The whole point of casual shirts is that they’re comfortable. So in addition to the fit, the fabric of your shirt is equally as comfortable. You want a fabric that’s breathable and light. How do you know if a fabric is breathable? Just hold the fabric of the shirt close to your mouth and try breathing through it. If there’s resistance to air movement, then the fabric probably isn’t breathable.

Another thing to note is that a fabric that is light and breathable is not the same as one that is transparent or made of see-through fabric. See-through fabrics can highlight the wrong parts of your body so you should probably stay away from them.


As always, when shopping for men’s branded shirts, you should always stick to the basics. This means basic colors and basic style. Colors like white, black, navy and blue are highly recommended. If you like, you can also add some check or stripe shirts, and some self-prints. However, having shirts in solid colors is always preferable as you can wear them with almost anything.


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