One of the great things about vintage men’s leather jackets is that they’re very versatile. The leather jacket has been a part of men’s fashion for decades. It can upgrade any other outfit, taking you from plain but respectable to show stoppers. With so many styles of vintage jackets, it stands to reason that there’ll be different ways to wear one and look cool in it. If you wish to build a look around a vintage leather jacket, all you need to do is pick a style and go for it. Do you want to look like you just stepped off a bike while still looking put-together that there’s no hair out of place? Or would rather turn heads in a bold color? Perhaps you want a look that effortlessly lives you looking cool?

Read on to find out how to wear a vintage men’s jacket and achieve that cool, unfazed look.

  • Biker Badass

The biker look is a classic one in the world of vintage jacket. Throw on a brown or black jacketthathas been roughedup a bit and you can add some rock and roll to your wardrobe. These type of jackets can come with buckles and snaps, asymmetric lines, extra zippers, or with sleek or uninterrupted lines. You can pick whatever works best for you.

If you want to pull off the biker look, then you’re better off keeping things simple. Pair it with a black or white t-shirt, a pair of denim, and some down shades to stay on the right side of the edge. Add a pair of boots in the same color as your jacket to your outfit and you’ll wow any room you walk into.

  • Pilot Poise

If you want a style that puts the vintage in vintage men’s jacket, then the bomber jacket is the choice for you. Just like with biker jackets, the bomber jacket also comes in several different styles meaning you can pick the one that bests suits your personality. The classic style of the bomber jacket is the ribbed cotton hem and cuffs.

Since the bomber jacket was originally designed for military pilots, you’ll want to borrow inspiration from that look. A pair of slim fitting jeans, aviator sunglasses,and military-style boots go well with a bomber jacket. Thrown in a pair of your favorite t-shirt underneath and you’ll be ready to conquer the skies.

  • Casual Cool

A pair of leather jacket is the simplest way of upgrading your classic casual outfit to the next level. Whether you’re going out to town or dressing to visit a store, this look combines edge and elegance to keep you looking stylish. The key to this style lies in picking the right jacket.

To pull off this look, you’ll need to go for a subtle, minimalistic style. This means no zips, patches or extra snaps as they can overwhelm. Throw on a pair of slim blue jeans and a V-neck t-shirt with a brown leather jacket and you’re good to go.

Whatever your go-to outfit, a vintage men’s jacket is guaranteed to make heads turn.


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